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OK, so lets start from the top…

Two weeks ago I’m supposed to receive a shipment of interactive whiteboards from an undisclosed company. The delivery company shows up, and ZONK!!! The truck has no lift, ramp or anything else to get the boxes down.. Quick phone call to my sales rep, and company re-delivers last Wednesday. Four hours late. While I’m on vacation. Driver wants me to haul the boards inside, as he’s supposed to do curb-only delivery..

After deliberation, he hauls them inside on his electric pallet truck/lift.

I come back from vacation.. rested…

Monday, First day in from vacation… Wireless is down, no internet, everyone breathing down my back.. Quick controller reboot, Network Manager remotes in, everything is working again. I start working with my image for the computers.

Tuesday, again I’m imaging, and working on other crap, while starting to talk to the rep about necessary mounts (which came up in last minute) for the boards.

Wednesday… hell ensues… Contractors strip down the floor from 40 year old paint, which contained lead, everyone is kicked out from the building. Still haggling back and forth with the vendor, as the administrators do not want to pay for the mounts.

Thursday, out of the office, fortunately tech from another school was kind enough to offer shelter and AC of his office to me, my trusty Macbook and iPad. Still haggling with the vendor, eventually get him to come down with the price by 40% and offer free overnight shipping. The admins choke up, and by the end of the day I still do not have the OK. The rep offers to reschedule the install and push it back one week… Admins get pissy about that…

My reaction?? The biggest W…T….F??!!??!!??!! ever!!!

Now trying to convince them that it’s the best and only way to go. Yippie.. I really hope to find that Uranium below the floor in my office…


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