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Monthly Archives: July 2011

So, a month after I’ve started my blog, I am doing my third post. What else is going? Just work… as always, the abnegate does not miss his opportunity to strike. FYI. The abnegate is a loving name, with which we have christened our head honcho… others are mostly rated MA..

Abnegate, is a guy whose mind is absolutely single-track. He has inter-personal issues, as he will not look you in the eye when talking. He will not shake your hand, nor use your phone. He uses long, convoluted sentences in his emails. He repeats himself, thus meetings that could be over in 15 minutes, last over 45. Lastly, he pulls his pants high.. so high there’s a chance his chest hair may get caught in a zipper… He’s not over 40 yet…

So abnegate wants a weekly email update from all, as to our proceedings.. He told us to do it early on during June. Whoops, forgot to update him twice, he writes me up, turns out he can’t, because he’s not my boss 🙂

To get the abnegate of off my back, I share a google document with him.. He fails to check it, then emails me with prompts for update. Upon receiving dry “please refer to shared document” he disappears..

I got in writing that I am not responsible to him… Let’s see what next few days will bring..