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Monthly Archives: June 2011

So, yesterday I was off.. It was Monday, so I had figured today its just going to be yet another day.. Of course I was wrong.. I do work at the undisclosed school, in an undisclosed district, in an undisclosed town, state, and country (well..maybe not as much country).

So, I show up for work, all bright-eyed, and enjoying a nice, June warm morning. Take sips of my coffee, chat with my cohorts, suddenly we get a phone call.. Perun, go and check out the computer labs, we had flood last night!!!

So I head out.. fearing the worst.. Turns out all the labs are safe, with only one receiving some minuscule water, not even touching the computers. However, in another classroom, a whole ceiling came down, with the exception of the computer corner.

Then I went upstairs…. the offices were flooded… Turns out the water came down from labs upstairs, due to something or other… Lovely.. Let’s see what happens next? Swarm of locusts? Remaining six plagues of Egypt? I guess all is possible at my undisclosed district…

To make things better… I received most of my computers today… Some 30+ iMacs… with no space to store it, luckily I was able to commandeer a room, which should have more than enough storage..


So, this is my first post.. I have no idea why I’m doing this blog.. I have never done such thing before..I guess, I’ll try to keep tabs on my work, and my various adventures in the wonderful world of educational IT support.

In a nutshell.. I am Perun.  I work tech support at an undisclosed school district, which handles grades K-12.  Before, I’ve worked at another, even more undisclosed school district, also handling K-12.  Currently, I am assigned to a high school.  The school is being massively upgraded with technology, and teachers are trying to catch up…  The supervisor… well.. he’s “one serious wackadoodle”… more on that later.

So far, this year, I had to work my magic by plugging in monitors (which supposedly was plugged in), asked to fix equipment which has been around since Clinton-Lewinsky scandal (or maybe was that Watergate?), I’ve dealt with people who had issues with their wireless at home (they could not connect… after painful investigation, turned out there was no wireless to begin with, so the dept. got chewed out for giving them crappy technology).

I also work with 4 other technicians.  Two of them (district).. well.. they’re good guys.  One other is assigned to another building, but he’s pretty good.  Finally we also have our network technician, who’s also pretty decent.

That’s it for now.  More will come later.